Your Face Is The Key

3D Structured Light
Facial Recognition

Automatic Facial
Recognition Unlocking

Fully Automatic
Lock Body with Patent
Crossing Over to Open the Era of Face Recognition
Integrated Alloy Body with Built-in 3D Face Recognition Module. More Discreet Camera, Blended with Streamlined Panel
Advanced 3D Scanning Technology
Integrated True 3D Algorithm, Using Three-dimensional Features for Facial Recognition. Resistant to Forged Faces Such as Photos, Videos, and Simulated Heads
99 - person
Facial Recognition Capacity
0.3-1 m
Facial Recognition Distance
1.4-2 m
Height Coverage Range
Ultimate Quick Unlocking by Scanning Your Face
3D structured light facial recognition is highly sensitive, unlocking faster and more accurately. Unique Face ID, Enjoying the Ultimate Door Opening Experience
< 1S
Face Recognition Time
PP9100 Guards Your Face Security
Face is the key, and it can be safe. High Level Security of facial information protects your home.
Non-contact Automatic Face Recognition
Equipped with human body detect sensor, automatically turn on face recognition when stand in front the lock.
Easy to recognize even in the darkness
Fully Automatic Locking
Equipped with patented electromechanical integrated fully automatic module, the door is locked automatically when closed. One button for fully automatic locking, easy for the elderly and children to use.
Security at Your Fingertips
Fingerprint recognition with smartphone-level sensitivity, unlocks instantly with a touch. Equipped with a new fingerprint algorithm core processor for even higher security
< 0.0001%
False Recognition Rate
< 0.1%
False Rejection Rate
≤ 0.5S
Fingerprint Recognition Time
The Ultimate Solution for Home Security
6 in 1 Unlocking
Enjoy a New Experience of Smart Life

Face Recognition Unlocking

Fingerprint Unlocking

Password Unlocking

IC Card Unlocking

App Authorization Unlocking

Key Unlocking

• Cat No: 499.21.219
• Dimension (WxHxD):
- External module: 72 x 418 x 59 mm
- Mortise lock: 24 x 240 x 99 mm (backset 60 mm)
• Features:
• 6 identification types:
- Bluetooth key via Häfele Smart Living application (Required Multimode gateway 499.21.220 for remote unlocking and manage the lock)
- 1 Administrator ID (Face, fingerprint, key card/tag, password)
- Up to 98 user ID (Face, fingerprint, key card/tag, password)
- Mechanical key override
• Battery life for facial operation (Disabled automatic detect function): 6-8 months by 10-time usage per day
• Power supply: Alkaline-manganese battery 1.5V AA 8 pcs. (Please order batteries separately.)
• Type-C USB emergency power supply
• Suitable for DIN left and DIN right
• Suitable for door leaf thickness 35-60 mm
• Suitable for door frame 120 mm